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Vinyl Wrapping

We apply a vinyl colour substitute to alter paintwork, interior finishes and other parts of your vehicle

Vinyl wrapping originally came around for the alteration of full vehicle colours to matt white, matt grey finishes. Nowadays its being utilised more for smaller intracacys such as changing interior trim colours to carbon fibre, wing mirror colour changes and smaller items such as badges and grills. We offer a full vinyl wrapping service to suite your needs and can offer advice based on our experience on colours/finishes etc. Call in to see us for a free consultation.

  • Some of our cars come back to us in a very poor condition, especially the wheels. This is usually due to the poor conditions of the roads. We always ensure our cars are presented in excellent condition, including the wheels and tyres. We have used Project Customs many times over the years, they always ensure a fast, efficient and high quality repair is completed and have never let us down. That to us speaks volumes.

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  • We only use Project Customs for any wheel scuffs or worse because they get it right first time, second time and every time after that. We trust these guys with cars up to the value of over £200,000 because their repair service is faultless and for that our customers thank us, because they're not hiring a car from us with shoddy looking wheels

    Supercar Experience

  • Project Customs are by far the only people I will let near my car in terms of bodywork/paintwork and repairs. I've known Craig for many years and his keen eye for detail and OCD when it comes to finish is why hes the only one that will ever go near any of my cars with a paint gun.

    Neal Foster

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