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Quality powder coating can only be produced by practice and constant reviews of our inspection techniques.

First Step

The alloy wheels come into our workshop.

The tyres are marked up with a customer ID and position then removed from the wheels, along with any balancing weights and valves.

Second Step

The alloy wheels are chemically stripped and the wheels have chemical deposits and dirt removed. They are then shot blasted with an appropriate medium to remove any stubborn particles that remain.

The wheel surface is then smoothed and levelled, if necessary using a filler suitable for alloy wheels. If at this stage we find any splits or cracks in the make up of the wheel we ALWAYS advise the customer and take the appropriate action, because we would never let an unsafe wheel leave our alloy wheel repair workshop in Leeds.

Third Step

The alloy wheel is then put into the oven to remove any trapped air. It's then hung in our spray booth for the application of the powder coating primer and then back into the oven to be baked for a length of time to ensure the primer has cured. The wheel is then left to cool to a temperature ideal for painting.

Fourth Step

The alloy wheel is painted to the front and the inside. Into the oven and then inspected to see if it needs further coats depending on the customers desired finish.

Fifth Step

A powder coat lacquer is then applied to the face and inside of the wheel, oven baked and inspected once again. It's then left to cool before going on to the final step.

Final Step

A new rubber valve is inserted and the tyres are put back on the wheel. We balance the wheel using stick on weights to the inside of the wheel. If you have left your vehicle with us we then put the refurbished wheels back on the car and the nuts/bolts are then torqued to the manufacturers specification.

  • Some of our cars come back to us in a very poor condition, especially the wheels. This is usually due to the poor conditions of the roads. We always ensure our cars are presented in excellent condition, including the wheels and tyres. We have used Project Customs many times over the years, they always ensure a fast, efficient and high quality repair is completed and have never let us down. That to us speaks volumes.

    Cars On Demand

  • We only use Project Customs for any wheel scuffs or worse because they get it right first time, second time and every time after that. We trust these guys with cars up to the value of over £200,000 because their repair service is faultless and for that our customers thank us, because they're not hiring a car from us with shoddy looking wheels

    Supercar Experience

  • Project Customs are by far the only people I will let near my car in terms of bodywork/paintwork and repairs. I've known Craig for many years and his keen eye for detail and OCD when it comes to finish is why hes the only one that will ever go near any of my cars with a paint gun.

    Neal Foster

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